Also please read the terms page--by bidding you are agreeing to be bound by those rules.

Bidding Is Here!

Important Note On Returns: You have a 3 day return ONLY if the item is not as described. If there is a flaw and it is visible in the high res catalog that counts as part of the description. (go to the high res catalog from our home page--and blow the photos UP if you are in doubt). If you cannot decide whether the knife is in the condition you will accept from the high-res photo and the description--THEN DO NOT BID ON THAT ITEM. A return on a doubtful issue leaves us explaining to the consigner, to the underbidder, and others who may have dropped out of bidding. Accepting returns simply becase you are picky is not being fair to them.

If we do not know you, and you have never bid with us before, and your bids will exceed $2000 in total you MUST call us to arrange payment and verify your ability to pay for your bids. (If you are a long time bidder this does not apply to you, bid with us as you always have). We have, unfortunatly, been subject to a couple of worthless, deadbeat, dishonorable...etc. bidders who were new and refused to honor their bids. We are currently pursuing legal remedies with them, but we have been forced by them to change our procedures for first time bidders who go for the Tier One knives.


When you login for the first time on a new auction, even if you are a regular bidder, your personal information should come up--this is to double check that everything is correct. Please review it, scroll down, and click on the link, and a second screen will open, click on the confirm and agree to terms link. This is registering for the auction. You are not automatically logged in to bid. YOU MUST LOG IN TO BID IN ADDITION TO REGISTERING THE FIRST TIME FOR EACH AUCTION.

Then go to the login screen AGAIN, enter your name and password AGAIN, and you're good to go. This is only required the first time you login to a new auction.

IMPORTANT: If the above does not work, and you wish to bid immediately, please re-register, and send us an email to to let us know you're having problems and you re-registered. If you are still having problems give us a call, 423-238-6753, 10-6 est Monday-Friday.

TWO CATALOGS: There are two catalogs online. One is our online high-resolution image catalog, with very large photos. One click will go full screen. A second click will make that same photo go much larger.

You cannot bid from the high-res catalog.
The other catalog, with smaller photos--is the online auction page--and you can bid from there.
We strongly recommend you review BOTH catalogs before bidding. We are not responsible and will not allow returns for flaws that are clearly visible in the high res photos .

Buyers premium is 13%.   If you pay by check, cash, money order, or wire transfer, you get a reduced buyers premium—your buyers premium is 10% if you pay within 8 days of notification--otherwise you will be subject to the 13% buyers premium. If you are on record with us to charge to your charge card or you prefer to send a check, please let us know your preference.

Here is how the increments work.

If you bid $225 with a $300 up to, the $25.00 increment is still in effect.
The NEXT AVAILABLE BID WOULD BE $25.00 more. However, you can bid MORE than the minimum. In other words the software allows you to bid $29.00 as the next bid. ($25.00 plus $4.00 more). This means if you bid $225 with a $300.00 up to, and the outside bidder bids $29.00 more he is in the lead at $254.00.

Now here’s where it gets funky. Your up-to bid automatically bids you back in at $279.00. Your up to is $300, but that bid has not been executed because you have the lead at $279.00. If an outside bidder bids the next increment, $304.00, it is an active bid and he will get the bid at $304.00, despite your unexecuted up-to bid of $300.00.

Phone bids end at 10:00 p.m.
Eastern time.

On active bidding items any bid extends the auction on that single lot only-- for 3 minutes. All others in that group will close unless there is bidding on that single lot.

IMPORTANT: When you open the bidding section, the page will show a limited number of lots, around 25.  If you bid on ANY knife on that page, you must scroll back up to the top and click on  “SUBMIT BID (S)” BEFORE you go on to view other lots on other pages.  A page will come up listing your bids. If they are correct you click on CONFIRM and your bids will be placed for the knives on that page only.  If you simply put numbers in the bid window and go to view other pages without  clicking “SUBMIT BID(S)” –you will not have sent your bids into the system and they will not be registered.

Once you have bid on your lots, you can check ONLY those lots quickly by clicking on the MY BIDS tab at the top of the page.

TIP: Once you have placed your bids any bids will in which you are leading will be outlined in RED on the “MY BIDS” page.  If they are not in red, you are not in the lead!  Only the lots on which you are bidding will show when you click on the “MY BIDS” tab at the top of the page. RED--go ahead. BLACK--go back.

If you would like to place an “UP TO” bid, simply click on that box, and put that amount into the box. The computer will only place your bid at the bid above the present bid.  When your “MY BIDS” page comes up it will show your “UP TO” amount for reference.

Once you have viewed the entire auction you can click on the MY BIDS tab at the top and it will bring up only the lots you are bidding on—and you can bid from that screen. 


Other stuff:

There is a back button ON THE AUCTION page--to go back use it--do not use the back button on your BROWSER as it will put you back to the beginning.

If you have internet availability it is to your advantage to bid online. If you are not online we will be happy to bid for you online. When you call to place your bids, we log into the computer system and register you (just as you could do yourself), and we place your bids via the internet just like you would do yourself.  THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE IN CALLING US TO PLACE YOUR BIDS—in fact your bids will be posted a bit slower as we’re adding a middleman to the process.  We accept bids for callers primarily as a convenience for our bidders who are not connected to the internet. Phone bidding ends at 10:00 pm. NOT MIDNIGHT.


You must register via online if you want to bid online. 

You must sign in with your sign-in name and password before you can start bidding. If when you login the registration screen comes up again, simply agree to the terms, (there are two screens to which you must agree)--and then login again with your password and login..

Do not navigate away from the page on which you have entered bids until you have scrolled back up to the top and clicked on the SUBMIT BIDS tab, and then clicked on the CONFIRM MY BIDS on the page that follows.  Then look at page 2.

Red mean’s you are in the lead.

If you open your “MY BIDS” page, you must refresh to check on the progress of the bids. You can place bids from this page.  (Remember to hit SUBMIT BID(S))

THIS IS NOT EGUYS.  Every bid on that item will extend the auction another 3 minutes (ON THAT ITEM only). Time runs out when everyone quits bidding.  Sniping will do you no good here.


Once your account is activated and you are logged in, you have three bidding options.

FIRST, you can bid the Minimum Bid Required, check the BID box next to it.

SECOND, to place a higher bid right now, enter the amount in place of the minimum shown and check the Bid Box. Your maximum bid will now be entered at the full amount. This is not recommended.

THIRD, enter your maximum bid amount in place of the minimum shown and check the Up To Box. Only the next bidding increment will be displayed to other viewers and bidders, not your maximum bid. The auction system will bid for you until you reach your limit. Your bid limit is secret. Be certain to select the Up To (limit) Box, or your bid will be entered immediately at your maximum amount. You can use this option at anytime before the auction closes. This will keep your bid active until you win or your bid is surpassed by another bid. THIS METHOD IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Bid on as many lots as you like on one page, then click the SUBMIT BIDS button (it is at the top of the listings page). Your bids are not fully submitted until you CONFIRM them on the next page. If you see the current high bid shown in Red, you are the high bidder right now.

MY BIDS will show you the status of just your bids.

Your limit is secret and serves the same purpose as a snipe bid. The bidder’s identity is never shown to other bidders.

This auction has soft closing times. If a bid is submitted and confirmed during the last minute before closing, the closing time will be extended on that lot by three minutes.


You will not be able to cancel a bid once it has been submitted on the auction website. This is done because other bidders may have acted based on a bid you have submitted. You will need to contact us if it absolutely necessary to cancel a bid. Bear in mind that when you have bid you have clicked twice to review bids and confirm bids. The time to reconsider is BEFORE you hit that CONFIRM BIDS button for the second time.

The act of bidding is your acceptance of all terms.

To see the photos with the listings just click the box in the upper left hand corner of the opening page. At times the server may be overloaded and the "show pictures" box will not be visible--this is to maintain speeds during the auction. You will still be able to see photos of the knives at our standard online catalog--but you will have go to back into the auction section to bid.

If your bid is red-go ahead.
If your bid is black-go back!