Lots 1-99

Lots 100-101

Lots 200-301


Lot 1 Jim Crowell Bowie, Master Smith mark, wood handles, leather sheath, pink lanyard, 16" oal, 9" blade, fileworked thumbrest, leather sheath with frog. Pristine mint. Tapered Tang, mint. (99284 dcd) $400.00

Lot 2 Ruffin Johnson Houston, TX El Lobo solo burl wood handled front lock, fileworked backspring and blade back (well done), slant dovetailed bolsters, mint. 4 1/8" long closed, 7 3/8" open. (99278 apt) $150.00

Lot 3 Leon Pittman (Worm mark), dated 1979, stag handled sliplock with nickel silver bolsters, drilled for lanyard, 4 1/4" closed, 7 1/2" open, whetted, otherwise near mint. (99277 apt) $80.00

Lot 4 Engraved Joe Kious fileworked folder, lockback, fileworked backstrap and blade back, burl ironwood handles, dovetail bolsters, engraved by MEL, 4 1/2" closed, 7 5/8" open, mint except for some very fine checks that appear original to the wood handles near the bolsters. (99276 apt) $250.00

Lot 5 Sawby-Mullin button lock folder, wood handles, slant dovetailed bolsters, fileworked liners inside and out, pristine mint, 3 1/8" closed, 5 1/2" open. (99270 cdi) $200.00

Lot 6 Sawby-Mullin sliplock folder, 3 1/8", fileoworked liners inside and out, dovetailed bolsters, ivory micarta handles, mint. (99274 cdi) $180.00

Lot 7 Ruana stag handled Bowie, 14 1/2" oal, 9" blade, brass blade catcher on the back of the blade, lugged guard, stag handles, mint. (99288 MBN) $200.00

Lot 8 SH in a swirl is as close as we can come to determining the maker of this engraved 2-blade handmade sliplock, 4 1/4" closed, slant bolsters, engraved brass with stippled heads on the nickel silver pins, carried a little so near mint. (99300.j[g apt) $70.00

Lot 9 Bob Jones, Albuquerque, NM three blade stockman whittler #635 stag folder on a stockman framed, blade in each end, 4 1/4" closed, bolsters and the center spacer are all dovetailed. Fileworked liners. Carried and used, near mint. (99283 APT) $75.00

Lot 10 Ruffin Johnson Houston, TX El Lobo Solo stag handled finger grooved hunter, straight tang with black liners six pins, couple of specks and has been sharpened. With Pouch leather sheath showing some carry use (99279 APT) $60.00

Lot 11 Centofante, Tampa, FL fixed blade, very early Centofante, fingergrooved stag, stacked black and nickel silver spacres on each end, 10" oal, 5 1/8" blade, with leather sheath, , unused, but a couple of specks. Centofante fixed blades are rare. (99280 APT) $60.00

Lot 12 Horace Wiggins burl wood handled lockback, Mansfield, Louisiana, dovetailed bolsters, worked back liners, has been carried and used so near mint, 3 3/4" closed, 6 5/8" open. With leather belt sheath that shows some carry used by Red's Saddle Shop. Has JGL initials on it. (99314 APT) $60.00

Lot 13 W. T. Fuller, Gadsden, AL front lock folder, One-hander logo, dovetail bolsters, stag handles, 3 7/8" closed, bolsters show some carry but blade looks great. W. T. used the one hander logo because he had lost a hand in an industrial accident. It was said by an outdoor writer that profiled him that he made a better knife with one hand than many makers did with two. (99281 APT) $75.00

Lot 14 Richard Bridwell, Taylors, SC stag handled sliplock, dovetailed bolsters, 3 1/4" blade. Mint (99269 CDI) $80.00

Lot 15 Randall Thorpe Bowie, Model 12-13c, brass fitting, stacked leather washer handle, mint. (99287 mbn) $250.00

Lot 16 Randall NASA model, 1 of 25, made with insulation material salvaged from Kennedy Spacenter, Launch Complex #39, 5 1/2" blade, Model 15 Airman, full exposed tang construction, spear point blade, NASA G-3 insulators used for handle material. Mint. (99285 tgg) $300.00

Lot 17 Randall miniatures, consecutive serial numbers on a stag handled Model 3 hunter, 3 1/2" blade from 3/16" stock, handle is approx. 3 5/8" with brass hilt and butt cap. Both mint, two knives for one bid. 99320 cdi) $500.00

Lot 18 Randall Miniature Model 1, 3 5/8" blade from 3/16" ATS-34 stock, 3 1/2" handle, red white blue spacers, black linen micarta, Model A sheath, Mint in original butcher paper. (99318.j[g cdi) $275.00

Lot 19 Randall Miniature Model 14 attack, 3 3/4" blade, four finger brip 3 1/16" handle, Model C sheath, c.2004. Mint in the original white butcher paper. (99323 cdi) $275.00

Lot 20 Case stag stainless hunters from the sets, 516-5 with the 1978 red etch, and the 523-5 1979 Bradford centennial. Both mint (99319 lin) $60.00

Lot 21 Case Tested 6592 five blade stockman, green bone handles, circle tested mark on two blades, Case Tested on 2 blade, punch is unmarked, green bone handles, some deep pitting so very good. See photo (99295 tsn) $200.00

Lot 22 Tru-Bal throwing knife (designed by Harry McEvoy), fiber handle, 12" long, 7 1/2" blade, near mint. Leather matching sheath. (99265 dct) $50.00

Lot 23 Bali-Song, USA butterfly knife with butterfly log, 7 1/2" open with a 3 1/4" blade, 4 1/4" closed, with marked leather sheath, knife is mint, sheath is almost so. (99266 dct) $70.00

Lot 24 Olsen Knife Co. H.C. MI (Howard City, Michigan) throwing knife, 11" oal, 7" blade, matching sheath, brown micarta handles held on with two rivets, extended tang, minty. (99267 dct) $30.00

Lot 25 Remington R1123 pre-1940 bullet Remington, one of the most copied knives in the world, but here is an original, jigged bone handles, bullet shield, blades are full but pitted, no etching visible, overall low excellent. Shield has pulled up a little on one end. (99293 tsn) $200.00

Lot 26 Remington pre-WWII Bullet, big muskrat, bone handles, 4 1/4" oal, Etching still visible, very good otherwise. (99292 tsn) $150.00

Lot 27 Case Brothers, Little Valley, NY sunfish, double pulls, worm grooves, small blade long pull, iron bolsters, blades full and tarnished. Low exc. (99272 tsn) $225.00

Lot 28 Remington Pre-WWII Hunter-Trader-Trapper knife, etched, "HTT Trapper's Knife" and H-T-T shield. This rare knife was not sold through Remington dealers, it was a subscription premium that came with a subscription to Hunter-Trader-Trapper magazine. It is notable also because it appears in the same ad as the rare Hunter-Trader-Trapper Remington bullet. It has been cleaned but etching visible, near mint. (99216 lin) $200.00

Lot 29 Case Classic 1991 63094 green bone whittler, W. R. Case markings, bomb raised letter shield, mint. No box. (99037 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 30 Case Classic 6391 Anglo-Saxon whittler, W.R. Case markings, 1990, bomb shaped raised letter shield, green bone, match striker nail mark, mint, no box. (99038 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 31 Case Classic cracked ice whittler, 73109x, W. R. Marking, 1992. Slant grooved bolsters, mint. (99039 fmcd) $45.00

Lot 32 Case Classic CT3109x, W. R. markings, Christmas Tree multi-colored metal flake celluloid handles, 1992, whittler, mint. (99040 fmcd) $45.00

Lot 33 Case Classic cracked ice whittler, 73109x, W. R. Marking, 1992. Slant grooved bolsters, mint. Some blurring in the etch but not rust. (99041 fmcd) $45.00

Lot 34 Case Classic 63109x bone handle whittler, Case Brothers markings, bowtie raised letter shield, 1990, mint, no box. (99042 fmcd) $45.00

Lot 35 Case Classic CT3109x, W. R. markings, Christmas Tree multi-colored metal flake celluloid handles, 1992, whittler, mint. (99043 fmcd) $45.00

Lot 36 Case Classic 73109X whittler, Case Bradford, PA markings, slant grooved and pinched bolsters, brown and black mottled celluloid handles that are pulling a tiny bit. Mint. (99044 fmcd) $45.00

Lot 37 Case Classic Case/Winchester 62091, 1990, red bone handles, Winchester markings on the front, W. R. Case markings on the tang, mint. (99046 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 38 Case Classic 63094 whittler, big cigar green bone, bomb raised leter shield, W. R. Markings, 1991, mint. (99054 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 39 Case Classic Case Bradford PA marked 83091, genuine pearl handles, raised letter oval shield, 1991, MIB (99273 fmcd) $80.00

Lot 40 Case Classic Case Brothers 83091 whittler, double pulls, relief bowtie shield, 1990, MIB (99299 fmcd) $80.00

Lot 41 Ford & Medley, Sheffield (no England) exquisite wharncliffe 2 blade with snakeskin bone handles, pre-1890. Has the black polish that came from ashes mixed with beeswax polished on lead faced wheels (not recommended by OSHA standards today). Small blade is mark Arundel St., location of the famous works. Mint. (99316 rel) $100.00

Lot 42 Utica swell center pearl whittler from the Untica Showroom collection, 3 5/8" closed, UTK in a horseshoe on the reverse of the tang of all 3 blades, salesmans numbers on the back, mint except for some storage specking toward the tip of the blade, see photo. History in your hand. (99312 rel) $125.00

Lot 43 Pair of ABCA stag handled club knives, Schatt & Morgan extend bolster folding hunter with keystone shield made in 1994 (IBCA) 1 of 600, and Premiere Edition 5288ss Case stag half jumbo congress. Both mint in boxes. (99107 fmcd) $80.00

Lot 44 Pair of Case stag handled 1990 knives, Muskrat and 5207ss mini trapper, both MIB (99108 fmcd) $80.00

Lot 45 Pair of stag handled Case knives, 1990 era, Muskrat and peanut, 5220, both MIB. (99109 fmcd) $70.00

Lot 46 Pair of Case 1980's stag handled pen knives, 05263ss and 53033ss both MIB. (99110 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 47 Pair of Case red bone Centennial knives (1989) R6392 and R61225 lockback, bont MIB. (99111 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 48 Two blue bone Case Trappers, 6254 (80's) and 6207, 1990. Both MIB (99112 fmcd) $40.00

Lot 49 Pair of Case Redbone Centennial trapper style knives, R6240SP and R6254, both MIB (99113 fmcd) $45.00

Lot 50 Pair of Case Stag handled knives, 5207 mini trapper 1990, and 1980's 5318, both MIB. (99114 fmcd) $65.00

Lot 51 Three Case knives. 2137SS Sodbuster, Jr with rivet crack, 62109x 1990 baby copperhead, and 6185 Doctor's knife, 70's dots, with faded delrin handles. All MIB except as noted. (99115 fmcd) $45.00

Lot 52 Pair of stag handled Case knives, 5220 peanut, Lightning S 80's dots, and 52087ss, 1990. Both MIB. (99116 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 53 Case 70's 4 dot, 32095ss fish knife, one hairline at the back center rivet, otherwise mint. (99117 fmcd) $20.00

Lot 54 Pair of stag handled Case knives, one is Lightning S dots 5318ss, the other a 1990 Muskrat, both MIB. (99119 fmcd) $75.00

Lot 55 Case stag muskrat, 19909, MIB (99120 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 56 Pair of Case 70's dot yellow handled fish knives, one with a single rivet crack, both mint otherwise, complete with hook sharpener shield, and drilled for mono filament lanyard. (99121 fmcd) $40.00

Lot 57 Case 5158 L ss Stag Mako, 1989 Centennial markings, MIB (99122 fmcd) $55.00

Lot 58 Pair of delrin handled Remington knives, R1306 repo and R870 one blade folding hunter, both MIB (99123 fmcd) $35.00

Lot 59 Pair of stag handled Case knives, 1990 52019 English jack made for the Case Collectors Club, and the Premiere edition ABCA club knife, 5288SS. Both MIB. (99124 fmcd) $60.00

Lot 60 Pair of Remington knives. R870 one blade folding hunter with delrin handles, and Bullet 1178 baby bullet 2 blade, both MIB (99125 fmcd) $40.00

Lot 61 Pair of Case knives. Green bone 6254 trapper and 6265 sab ss, both MIB (99126 fmcd) $40.00

Lot 62 Pair of Case knives. 5207 mini trapper and a CT318 with a 1889-1989 Centennial shield. Some slight pulling on the handles, otherwise both mint. (99127 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 63 Three Remington repro Bullets in the series that started in 1982. All with Delrin handles, R1306 MIB; R4353 big muskrat, and R1178 baby bullet, MIB. (99128 fmcd) $65.00

Lot 64 Pair of Case stag knives. 5254 trapper with raised letter shield MIB (1980's) and Case centennial stag canoe 52131, MIB. (99129 fmcd) $90.00

Lot 65 Case Olympic knife, made in 1980 for the Lake Placid Olympics, sterling silver handles (made when silver was at an all time high), handles cast by Shaw-Liebowitz. Mint, box shows some storage age. (99130 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 66 Two Case pearl world's fair knives. 1982 Worlds Fair Knoxville, TN 8220 pearl peanut, and 1984 Louisiana World Exposition, 82079 1/2, both gift boxed. Mint. (99131 fmcd) $40.00

Lot 67 Five imported metal handled pen knives in 4 different colors, 3" with bails. Mint. (99132 fmcd) $5.00

Lot 68 Pair of Remington repo bullets, both sizes of Muskrats, R4466 and R4353, both MIB. 99133 fmcd) $50.00

Lot 69 Case Classic W. R. Case & Sons 71098 Texas Toothpick, imitation horn celluloid handles that are pulling a little. In a Case box but not a Case Classic box. Mint except as noted. (99134 fmcd) $35.00

Lot 70 Pair of Case Centennial knives, SR6225 1/2, and 52063ss, both with 1989 Centennial etching, both MIB (99135 fmcd) $35.00

Lot 71 Pair of stag handled '32 patterns, 5232ss, and 5332ss, both MIB, 80's. (99136 fmcd) $60.00

Lot 72 Pair of Case peanuts, 1980's and 1990, yellow handle and jigged red bone, both MIB (99137 fmcd) $35.00

Lot 73 Pair of Case stag handled trappers, 1990's, 5254ss, both MIB (99138 fmcd) $90.00

Lot 74 Case 80's bone handled new grind Muskrat bone handles, mint. (99139 lin) $45.00

Lot 75 Pair of engraved bolster stag muskrats, both modern, one made for the Central Ky. Knife Club in 2006 with a round shield in addition to the bomb shields on both knives. Both mint. (99140 lin) $70.00


Lot 76 Pair of Case folding hunters, laminated wood handles, 6265SAB, one 1970's, the other 80's, bout full blades but have been buffed, so near mint. (99141 lin) $50.00

Lot 77 Pair of Remington pre 1940 Scout knives, both with Acorn shields, both RS3333 patterns, one with official Boy Scout emblem and bail, the other says only "Scout Knife" with missing bail, both exc. (99142 lin) $70.00

Lot 78 Two Case barlows, 62009 1/2, XX bone and 70's 1 dot with delrin handles. Both full blades but have been buffed, near mint. (99143 lin) $60.00

Lot 79 Three yellow handled Case knives, all late 70s. 3318 shsp, and two 03244, one with bail, one without. All have been buffed and bump between excellent to near mint. Both 44's have rivet cracks at the center rivet. (99144 lin) $40.00

Lot 80 Pair of Case Sodbusters, 1978 2 dots, one is a 2138ss, the other a 2138Lss with the locking liner, both mint. (99145 lin) $25.00

Lot 81 Robeson Shuredge USA yellow handled folding guard one blade 512872, mint. (This knife is not a lockback, but then again it never was!) (99146 lin) $50.00

Lot 82 Pair of Case jigged laminiated wood Case knives, 5 dot 62011 cleaned to near mint and 6165sab 80's dots, mint. (99147 lin) $50.00

Lot 83 Four Case Delrin handled knives. 6380 Carpenter's whittler, 70's dots, cleaned to near mint; 63087 cleaned to exc; and two mint 62009 1/2 barlows, 1 dots. (99148 lin) $80.00

Lot 84 Group of five Case Delrin handled knives, 6214 1/2 10 dot, mint but some wire marks on the handles, 6344 and 6244 70's dots mint save for rivet cracks; 6380 whittler, spotted and cleaned so near mint; and 621009x baby copperhead cleaned to near mint. (99149 lin) $60.00

Lot 85 Pair of Case Cranberry bone knives with script shields, 6254 trapper and 62131 canoe, modern, mint. (99150 lin) $60.00

Lot 86 Three Case Cranberry bone knives with script shields, modern and mint. 6375, 6265sab, and 6143 daddy barlow. (99151 lin) $85.00

Lot 87 Pair of Case Cranberry bone knives with script shields, modern and mint. 6111 1/2 cheetah lockback, and 6250 sunfish. 99152 lin) $90.00

Lot 88 Two Case bone knives with script shields, modern and mint. Russlock in Cranberry bone and copperlock with handles a little too red for Cranberry with sheepfoot blade (99153 lin) $65.00

Lot 89 Case XX 2345 slick black, blade is a little short and has been heavily cleaned, nice and shiny but low exc blade. (99154 lin) $30.00

Lot 90 Pair of Case orange bone knives with script shields, modern and mint. Muskrat and 6355wh seahorse whittler. (99155 lin) $60.00

Lot 91 Three orange bone handled smaller knives, 610096 mini toothpick, 62132 baby butterbean, and 62109x baby copperhead, all with script shields, modern and mint. (99156 lin) $55.00

Lot 92 Pair of Case modern sowbelly knives, one in cranberry bone with script shield, the other brown bone with "Tested XX" shield in individual letters. Both mint (99157 lin) $60.00

Lot 93 Case 70's 8 dot 6445R scout, bone handles, cleaned to near mint. (99158 lin) $45.00

Lot 94 Case 6488 large congress, bone handles, 70's 6 dot. Mint. (99159 lin) $90.00

Lot 95 Three Case orange bone handled knives, 6185 physicans, 6318 serpentine, and 6220 peanut, all with script shields, modern and mint. (99160 lin) $75.00

Lot 96 Three Case orange bone handled knives, script shields, modern and mint. 6207 mini trapper, 6318 serpentine, and 61749 small copperlock. (99161 lin) $80.00

Lot 97 Case 5347 ss gray etch three blade from the 1976 stag sets. Mint. (99162 lin) $60.00

Lot 98 Pair of Case congress knives. 6488 with greenish blue smooth bone handles and XX bowtie shield, long pull with engraved bolsters, and brown bone 64052. Both modern and mint. (99163 lin) $70.00

Lot 99 Case USA (1965-70) 6111 1/2 lockback, cleaned to exc (99164 lin) $40.00


Lots 1-99

Lots 100-101

Lots 200-301